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Vertical Blinds. Horizontal Blinds. Venetian Blinds. Mini Blinds. Honeycomb Blinds. Motorized Blinds. Plantation Blinds. Who knew there are so many kinds of blinds? If you’ve ever decorated your home, you know how crucial good selection is. The right choice can turn a” ho-hum” room into a “wow” room; whereas, the wrong decision can leave you and your guests squinting and unable to watch TV or sleep. Not only is selection important, but proper blind, shade maintenance and repair are a must to keep your coveted blinds and shades looking like new. Nothing seems worse than a neglected shade repair such as sagging blinds on a front-facing window. Especially, when a quick call to hire shade repair and maintenance services is all it would take to fix it.


Blinds or shades can be installed to control light and improve temperature control in the house. Blinds and shades can be used to completely block out light, known as the “blackout” effect, or to allow a little sunshine and light into the room. Blinds, shades can also be used to add insulation and help maintain consistent indoor temperature. If you’re not happy with the job your current window treatments are doing, consult with an expert about what blinds, shades maintenance, and repair services are available to improve your existing installation.


In general, the terms blinds and shades can be used somewhat interchangeably, unless you’re speaking with a designer about exactly what type you want to order. Then, you will need to be specific to make the picture in your head matches what installation you have in your window.


Blinds, which are hard and made with slats, are usually made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl. When broken, these slats leaving a noticeable gap in the repetitive lines created by the rest of the slats. Shades, on the other hand, can be made of either vinyl or fine fabric to enhance the visual impact of the room. A rip in the fabric of shade can lead to unwanted light, and they generally look bad. Duct tape won’t fix this shade, a professional shade maintenance and repair services company needs to step in.


Because of the exacting nature of window treatments, maintenance, blind repair best left to professional blind maintenance and repair service. Blinds and shades are designed to fit and snugly into the window frame, meaning there’s not much room to maneuver around during blind or shade (re)installation. And with metal window frames lurking beneath the drywall, it can be next to impossible to reinstall them after you’ve taken them down for cleaning without causing more damage in the process. No need to create a pointless blind, shade repair by accident.



Though it might seem simple, they do require a certain amount of maintenance and the occasional repair to keep them in good order. Because of all the pieces and parts, blinds maintenance and shade repair can be a bear. A quick search for “blinds, shade maintenance services” can give you many choices for professional blinds maintenance services companies that install, maintain, and repair window treatments. Their employees are specially trained and should make the experience stress free; so, after your blinds cleaned or you shade repair completed, you can stake a step back and enjoy.


As with any contractor, look for licensed and insured shade maintenance and repair services company. Check reviews, photos online to make sure the blinds maintenance service companies you are considering have a good track record. Questions to ask yourself include

  • Do the blinds maintenance and repair services provided by this company live up to their promises? 
  • Do they provide shade maintenance and repair services in line with the latest technology?
  • Do they have a clean record for working without harming blinds or shades?
  • If accidents occur while they are providing blinds maintenance services, are they reliable in giving blinds repair to rectify the problem?

Shade maintenance services often come with a warranty, so when interviewing blind, shade maintenance, and repair services companies, be sure to ask if this is an option. Blinds maintenance services will also guarantee their blinds repairs, within certain limitations, so discussing this with them before contracting for their blinds maintenance and repair services is essential. 



In general, a weekly dusting or vacuuming of your blinds keeps the build-up to a minimum and minimizes the need for blinds repair. However, a twice-yearly cleaning of your blinds and shades by professionals providing blind, shade maintenance services to keep them in tip-top shape is a must.


Of late, the most popular cleaning technology specifically from blinds maintenance services experts is ultrasonic. A powerful yet gentle technology, sound waves create bubbles that pop and create suction that cleans the surface of your blinds or shades, literally sucking the dirt and grime right off the surface. This type of technology cleans all parts of your blinds, including the cord and headrail. 


For shade maintenance services, dry cleaning has been the standard for cleaning delicate fabrics for some time. The latest technology has shade maintenance services using the injection/extraction cleaning process. It requires a machine that can inject cleaning chemicals into the fabric, and then simultaneously extract the dirty solution, giving your shads a deep, like-new clean right in the window.


Most shade maintenance and repair services provide in-home cleaning so that you don’t have to risk having unnecessary shade repair if you damage it when taking it down. Their equipment is specially designed to reach all the nooks and crannies of blinds and shades. While you can vacuum your shades yourself, smoke, dust, smells, and even pollen accumulate over time, and professional shade, blind maintenance services can have your shades looking like new. Shade maintenance services should also be able to take care of vinyl shades, such as blackout shades on the same trip in much the same fashion.


When your shade maintenance services finish their work, your shades should look exactly at what they did when you bought them: even hems, even and bright colors, and quiet operation.



As you use your blinds every day, it’s natural for parts to wear out causing the need for blinds repairs. Or your cat or toddler might wreck it while chasing some prize only they can see. Either way blinds repair is in the cards. The blinds maintenance services you select can provide the needed services, and if you’re not sure, they can advise if a simple blinds repair will do the job, or if it’s a lost cause and new blinds are in order. Blind repair by those experienced in blinds maintenance and repair services can not only add years to the life of your blinds and save you from buying a new set of blinds, but it can also keep you off that ladder to reach those high up places that are hard to clean and repair.


Ordinary blinds repair includes bent or broken slats, sagging, frayed cords, and more. Blinds repair for broken or bent slats requires cutting the wire near the broken slat, restringing the new slat, and then securing the new wire at both ends.  Blinds repair for a frayed cord is much the same, only more involved, as the entire cable gets replaced. Finally, blinds repair for sagging blinds requires plastic clips, usually requiring a call to the manufacturer to order. Seemingly simple tasks, but also tasks that require experience and attention to detail to fix. Hop on the phone to a blinds maintenance and repair services company, and they’ll have your blinds repair done before you know it.



Shade repairs are much the same, including broken cords, rollers that won’t turn, uneven hanging or lifting, or noisy operation. Broken cords are the most deceptive shade repair, as these require removing part of the headrail, extracting the cord, and then re-threading a new one. Sounds easy, but as any shade maintenance and repair services company will tell you, in many cases, a shade repair has been made worse instead of better by a DIY.


Additionally, shades can hang unevenly if the cord becomes hooked in the headrail, and that shade repair requires dismantling the headrail and then unhooking the cord manually. With the noisy operation, a small plastic piece slipping out is often the culprit, and this shade repair requires a new piece to correct.


As you can see, a variety of pieces and solutions address these problems, and like blinds repair services, shade maintenance and repair services are expertly trained to address each of these issues. Shade maintenance and repair services providers will have the necessary parts ready, so there is no frustrating online search before you can even get started. Top-quality shade, blind maintenance, and repair services will also have all the tools with them and can be in and out in no time, keeping time spent on your shade, blind repair to a single day. 



There are a lot of points that go into the care of your blinds and shades. A reliable, through blind, shade maintenance and repair services provider can be your friend when it comes to simple blinds repair or putting life back into sagging and faded shades and return them to the former glory that made you love them at the beginning. They can do shade repair and blinds repair in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do and keep you off the precarious perches you’ve used in the past to reach your window treatments. Save yourself and your wallet and hire the blind, shade repair, and maintenance professionals to do it. You’ll thank yourself when it will be done.



Shade & Blind Installation

The time has come to ditch those old drapes that came with the house. The place calls for something different. Like, a set of blinds or shades. Something perfect for setting a more modern style about a room. Any idea of all the organization, planning, and research that goes into getting some blinds put up? It’s more than would be expected. Moreover, many home or property owners are either too busy or too uncomfortable to carry out this research properly. Luckily, there are blinds and shades installers who do all this for the customer, all as part of the blinds and shades installation services.

This article can be the short customer’s guidebook in understanding the preliminaries of blinds and shades installation services, including what blinds and shades installers should do and offer their customers before any money exchanges hands. It will also advise what considerations one should make about a property before choosing a type of blind or shade, and before selecting a blind and shade installation service.



Even before one hires a blinds and shades installation services, there are a few preliminary steps. The points below illustrate a few of the common ones, though these are not universal; procedures will vary from installer to installer.


  • Choose the blinds or shades – One can include the blinds and shades installation services as part of a store. Therefore, a customer may be able to choose from a product range what blinds or shades they want to be installed. The blinds and shades installation services can be included with the purchase but most probably for an extra charge.
  • Book a consultation – if the customer is unsure what blinds or shades would suit their house and what other information they require beforehand; many blinds and shades installers have a customer service line to book a telephone or even face-to-face consultation. This way, an advisor will be able to help the client to find the right blinds or shades for each room they’re thinking of restyling.
  • Home or Site Inspection – following the purchase or consultation (depending on blinds and shades installer), the blind or shade installation company should send out a member of staff to perform a site inspection. In the case of blinds and shades installation services, this usually will involve measuring all the areas where blinds, shades need installation.

It will ensure the environment will suit the products purchased, and, if the customer did their measurements before the consultation, will confirm their calculations are correct. Furthermore, an inspection will highlight any areas of concern for the blind or shade installer, particularly those that may incur surcharges. Further detail on a few of these issues will be related to later in the article.


  • Quotation and Scheduled Installation – no company should give a quote for the blinds and shades installations services before an inspection unless it’s a sort of all-in-one deal included with the purchase of the blinds themselves. However, the customer should expect a quote about a price after the measurements have taken. If this meets their satisfaction, a date for the installation can be set.

Please, be aware, some blinds and shades installers may not schedule the installation to take place on the same day as delivery. Customers should take care to find out this information beforehand if this will not meet their convenience.



Some materials suit different rooms. Blinds and shades may strike some as window decorations and a means of controlling natural light. They are also awful dust magnets and a vehicle for other substances like grease, soot, and mold. Blinds and shades installers will be able to advise which products will be most suitable for each room, either in a consultation session or the site inspection.


Therefore, a customer should cater and coordinate on the choice of product to the environment. For example, a vertical pleated fabric shade will suit a living room with windows nowhere near a fireplace, but also in a room not prone to household damp. The damp, if left untreated, will lead to mold, and getting mold spores out of fabric is a complicated business.


By contrast, a grease-resistant material for some kitchen blinds will be most suitable. If the kitchen windows are a far enough distance from any cooking appliances, their retention of grease may be much milder. Getting blind in a wipeable material such as PVC will be a wise choice. Cleaning grease off is a simple enough task when armed with some water and white vinegar. In whatever case, the blinds and shades installers can assist the customers in picking the right products for the room.



Aside from the rooms in which the blinds and shades installation services will take place, there are some other elements a customer should consider regarding their property before making a blind, shade purchase. Structural considerations may come to light during consultation and inspection stages, but it is always best practice to be prepared.


Again, this will vary from installer to installer, but below is a list of few factors clients should be wary of, in cases where they set a tighter budget.


First, customers should expect to pay a flat rate per set of blinds and shades purchased. As aforementioned, the blinds and shades installer should provide a quotation after the site inspection, not before. Still, it stands to reason and common sense. The more products a customer buys, the more it should cost to install them.

That’s a self-explanatory consideration compared to some of the others on this list. Where do the extra costs come?


First, think about where the windows are situated. Not concerning “which room?”; more like “how high up?” It may sound ridiculous, but jobs will and do exist where blinds and shades installers are required to climb high ladders to measure and install blinds and shades. These added strain and difficulty to the job will more likely incur a surcharge. Be fair – it won’t be an easy task to fit a set of shades at the top of a ladder.

As aforementioned, one can expect to highlight the structural considerations during the initial site inspection. It may include inspecting the condition of the environment in which the blinds and shades installation services are to take place. It is particularly relevant in historic buildings where one plans modernizations.


Also, customers should be aware of lintels and beams. Installing into the concrete, iron, or steel beams and lintels will require more specialist attention and equipment. That, in turn, may incur further charges on top of the blind, shade installation fee.


Finally, in properties where blinds and shades are already installed and need to be replaced, it is best practice to research whether an uninstallation included as part of the blinds and shades installation services. It may come as an additional charge; the blinds and shades installers may not provide the service at all.

In all these cases, the on-site inspection will highlight the issue, usually before a quotation is given. It is just best for customers to keep them in mind, so any potential surcharges are not received as a surprise.



  • Check if the blind or shade delivery and installation are carried out on the same day. It can be frustrating if the blinds are delivered, and the blinds and shades installers are not due for another three days. Check on the blinds and shades installers website – there should be some form of advisement if it’s a one-day delivery and installation or not.
  • Make sure it’s convenient – any customers who work full time will probably want to schedule the measurement, the delivery, and the blind and shade installation on the weekend. A blinds and shades services provider should be able to advise on their website or in the consultation if this is possible.
  • Ensure they are certified – blinds and shades services should carry certification or accreditation with a professional body, manufacturer, or authority. Request proof from the blinds and shade installers if this information is not on their website.
  • Inquire about the experience – blinds and shades installers may work as one of a selection of services for window fitters or redecorating companies. Look into how long they have been providing blinds and shades installation services. The years of experience may be indicative of the quality and smoothness of the job.